Dove Dry Spray Review

*Press Samples provided for my consideration*

Hey everyone! Thanks to Target and Influenster, I have been able to test out a product I have been dying to try…but couldn’t really pull the trigger for the price (About $6 vs. my $4 Dove stick antiperspirant). I know there is only a two dollar difference, but it did scare me.

I was sent the Dove Dry Spray in the ‘Cool Essentials’ scent as well as the Dove Men+Care Dry Spray to ‘give to a man in my life’. It went to my dad. More on how he felt in a bit.

dove dry spray review

So, I was prompted to #TryDry and I have for two weeks and have formed my opinion of this Dry Spray.

Dry Spray antiperspirant is nothing new. When I was living in London, that was all they had. I had brought my fave stick formula from home though, and I never could quite fathom paying for a more expensive product with a horrible exchange rate. Dry Spray is just that—dry. It is dry to the touch instantly. This product promises 48 hour antiperspirant and has 20.2% of Aluminum Chlorohydrate. That is A LOT for me. I need quite a bit of protection but I try and stay at about 18% and I’d love to find a natural option that works for me, but that amount cannot be good for my underarms. But I digress.


  • I like the dry feeling. It means that I have avoided white marks on my clothing everyday which is great!
  • It does keep me really dry and the scent is nice and not cloying.


  • You have to wait AT LEAST 4 hours after shaving to apply this, as stated on the bottle. That is a bit concerning.
  • The bottle also says not to breathe it in, but that is impossible. The spray gets everywhere and it is not easy to avoid.
  • The price is a little high for a product I feel will run out quickly since there are is so much wasted product that goes into the air.


Here is Gus, my little helper here at PrettyPanda, checking out the product.

As far as the Men+Care Dry Spray, my Dad said he would volunteer as tribute but I caught him at the market buying his old reliable stick formula today so that answers that, doesn’t it?

Overall, I do love Dove, I love the smell and convenience of this, and I will keep it around for my black clothing days (which there are very few of around here. I love color!) but I will stick to my solid formula still.

Have you tried Dry Spray? Thoughts?


6 thoughts on “Dove Dry Spray Review

  1. I haven’t tried any of these dry spray deodorants before. Like you said, I would rather just buy the stick form and not pay $2 more for something I was unsure about! Thanks for this review, Margo! I think I’ll skip out on these from all the cons you mentioned, but I would also like to find a good natural deodorant that works well!


  2. I quit using normal commercial deodorant towards the end of last year and have switched to natural crystal deodorant. I have read a few reviews on spray deodorants but honestly i was never interested in trying them because I’m under the impression they are like dry shampoos, you choke yourself while spraying it. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity


  3. Great review Margo! That sounds concerning about having to wait to four hours after shaving to use! I agree that it’s nearly impossible to not breathe in some of the spray when you use it since it will be in the air! I was going to try this, but thanks for sharing your honset thoughts! Gus is so adorable!


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