ColourPop Creme Gel Liner Review and Swatches

ColourPop. The brand on the tip of any beauty-lover’s tongue nowadays. I am no stranger to the hype surrounding this LA-based brand.

colourpop creme gel liner review

Hey, I love that it is made in the U.S.A, and ships from my home base, meaning I can get my hands on goodies fast. But with the lightning-faced pace of their collection releases, one can only wonder if quality does suffer (not to mention that these are cheap as chips, to use a phrase I picked up in London). Their Fall 2015 90’s collection was amazing, so I was excited to try out their huge release of Creme Gel Liners ($6 each for .11oz).


I picked up four neutrals and one pop of color and have been testing all five shades for almost two months and I feel ready to share my opinions with you on this formula and the colors. I will break them down one by one because they are so different! Please note that I have worn each shade for about a week each, if not more, and all of my eye swatches are on bare eyes (no primer/shadow/mascara/anything).



Prance is a gorgeous ocean blue with slight pastel leanings. It is very matte and very, very dry in the pot so you need to work it around with your liner brush to get some slip going. It applies slightly patchy, as you can see in the photo, but it is still beautiful. I would advise wearing a primer underneath as without there is some slight staining to the skin. For me, wear time is around 6 hours before it begins to flake slightly. Because of the dryness, I recommend an oil-based makeup remover for all of the matte shades. Micellar water will just create a flaky mess with more clean up after.

Over Board

colourpop over board creme gel liner review and swatch

Over Board is truly stunning and one of my favorites. It is a bronze metallic shade and because of the shimmer, is much creamier and easier to apply. This wore perfectly for 10 hours before I removed, but I suspect it could last even longer.


colourpop timber creme gel liner swatch and review

Timber is a slate grey matte shade. It does take a bit of layering to really produce a charcoal color. Timber wore well for 8 hours on my lids and I think the color is great for an unexpected neutral. It isn’t as harsh as black but not as predictable as brown. I’ve been reaching for it quite a bit!

Best O

colourpop best o creme gel liner review and swatches

Ah, Best O. The shade that has Instagram up in a tizzy. There is no denying this is a gorgeous burgundy that is perfect for winter. Like Prance, Best O is a bit patchy, needs a bit of layering to perfect the pigmentation, and does get slightly flaky because it is so dry and matte. Also be aware of staining and if you have any pink in your skin (as you can see with my eye), it does magnify it. Yet for $6, this is a great new color to try out. It wore well on my lids for about 7-8 hours before flaking.


colourpop stomper creme gel liner review and swatches

I saved the best for last. Out of the shades I picked, Stomper is my favorite and has become a staple in my daily routine. I love the dark chocolate hue, how it is matte without being dry or flaky, and how it lasts me 10+ hours. To me, the quality of this shade is as good as any other creme liner I have tried, drugstore or high end, and I am very impressed. No other brown liner has ever made me want to stray from black besides this one!



Application with these has a bit of a learning curve. All shades, even the creamy, metallic Over Board, need about 2-5 dips back into the pot to complete one eye. You need to work fairly fast and there is hardly any smudge time with these. The dryness does translate to much longer wear on the eyelids (at the beginning, Timber and Best O even feel ‘tight’ on the lid), but be prepared to execute your feline flick in sections.

Overall, I think ColourPop has done really well with this formula. Granted, I haven’t tried all of the shades, and I do think some (like Prance) can use some improvement, but the shade range and price are fantastic. I would stick to the metallics and the darker mattes. I absolutely love Stomper, Over Board, and Timber!

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day Pandas!




13 thoughts on “ColourPop Creme Gel Liner Review and Swatches

  1. I can’t decided which color I like best lol! I love all the colors! All these liners look so beautiful on you Margo! It sounds like the liners are long lasting! Colour Pop has quickly become a huge staple in the beauty community! I haven’t tried the brand yet, but I love affordable their products are! Great review!


  2. I haven’t tried these yet! I love colourpop shadows so I’ve been tempted. I’m horrible with gel liner, but I heard that these make an awesome eyeshadow base too! All the colors you picked up are gorgeous Margo! I love the blue one for a pop of color!!


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