Quick Review: Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Gel

Hey everyone, and happy Sunday/November!

I wanted to do a mini review of the new Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Gel after I just used it to wash my brushes. I have mixed feelings about it and I tried it with over four dozen brushes and powder/cream/liquid residue.

real techniques deep cleansing gel

The bottle is 5.1fl oz. so it should last a fairly long time. You only need a small drop per larger brush or three to four eye shadow brushes. I cleaned about 50 brushes (2/3rd of which are eyeshadow) and used maybe 1/4 of the bottle. Still, if you clean once a week like I do, you’ll be finished within a month and that breaks down to $2.25 per use of each $9 bottle, but your mileage will vary.

The scent is nice and clean and isn’t offensive. The bottle, however, is a really thick plastic and is annoyingly hard to squeeze when you are in the midst of washing brushes and your hands are wet.

Real Techniques says this formula is dermatologist tested to be gentle and has no alcohol or phthalates. But how did it really was my brushes?

This formula does EXCELLENT on brushes used with powder, whether that be powder foundation, blush, or eye shadow. It got those brushes squeaky clean in no time and very soft.

It performed decently with my brushes used with creamy products (think thicker concealers and Colorpop eye shadows). No complaints there. Clean and fresh but took some more rinsing.

What I am very annoyed about is that it seemed to not only NOT CLEAN my liquid foundation brushes, but sock the liquid deeper into the bristles. I had to go at those with another cleanser after and that really isn’t the point. Keep in mind that I use a RT foundation brush and it simply didn’t clean it and these are formulated to work with all RT brushes.

It did well with my IT Cosmetics brushes, ELF, and my RT powder brushes, but with liquid products, forget it. It wasn’t much help on my blending sponges (BB and RT) either.

Overall, I probably won’t buy this again. I picked it up at Ulta with a coupon and I will finish it up to clean my powder brushes only because I really feel they got clean and disinfected quickly. I am just not sure what is going on with the formula with liquid foundation and the bottle is too hard to use.

Thanks for stopping by! Have you tried this?


12 thoughts on “Quick Review: Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Gel

  1. Thanks for sharing this review Margo! I didn’t know that RT made a brush cleanser. I would be annoyed that the bottle was hard to squeeze too lol!! And I have the hardest time in general finding something to clean my foundation brushes with. It’s super annoying and I just use dish soap because that’s the only thing I can get to work semi decent


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