Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I thought I would post about my really fun experience at Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland and show you some pictures.

Disneyland has the Halloween Party nights in late September throughout October. The park closes at 6 or 7 and only those with tickets are allowed in (But you do get into the park up to 3 hours early to enjoy!). Once inside, you can dress up and trick or treat (I came home with a huge bag of candy) and many other surprises!

mickey's halloween party

Although Small World was closed, they did project really cute pumpkins and things on it!

mickey's halloween party

I absolutely love Halloween time at Disneyland. I love the giant Mickey pumpkin and all of the spooky treats around the park. Including food! They have fall themed as well as food specifically for the Halloween Party (Green Goo fries at Tomorrowland Terrace yes!)

mickey's halloween party

My other favorite thing about Disneyland at this time is the Haunted Mansion Holiday, which is decked out with Nightmare Before Christmas, which I adore. I must know every word/song to that movie by heart!

mickey's halloween party

As the party progressed, they had these light/image shows projected onto the buildings of Main Street with music to go along with it. This one was part of a Nightmare Before Christmas themed section.

mickey's halloween party

Mike and Sully were at Tomorrowland having a dance party, which was really cute to watch!

mickey's halloween party

I ate a TON of food that night, but my favorite treat was the pumpkin beignets!

mickey's halloween party

I didn’t dress up (it was a million degrees that night), but here I am in front of one of the cute Mickey ghosts. They also had an amazing fireworks show hosted by Jack Skellington!

That night was a blast, and I hope that whatever you do tonight you have fun and stay safe!!

Boo! xo



8 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. This looks like so much fun Margo! I would love to go to Disney land for Halloween. I love the big Mickey pumpkin too and that’s cool how the haunted mansion is nightmare before Christmas themed!


  2. That looks like a TON of fun! I never thought Disney had something planned for Halloween – I have to visit around then, someday. Jeeez, I haven’t been to Disneyworld (even though that’s the one in Florida haha) in the longest time!

    becky β™‘ star violet


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