imPRESS Press-On Manicure Review

*This post contains press samples from Brandbacker*

Hey Pandas!

A little mani break here! I was recently sent some of the imPRESS Press-On Manicure sets to try and tell you guys about. I’m not taking too many samples lately because I only want to write about things I believe in (or to tell you to stay away entirely from something), but I have bought these before with my own money and love them.

But it looks like they have improved them just a bit…which is even better!

imPress, imPress press on manicure, press on nails, fake nails, I received two packs. The one I want to show you is called ‘Boogie Down’ and consists of 24 matte grey nails that lean a little bit pink and 6 super sparkly silver glitter nails!

impress, imPress press on manicure, fake nails, press on nails

Here is a picture of both styles in the box. The other style is called ‘Casting Call’ and is a deep crimson/brown with jewels you can use as accents.

imPress, imPress press on manicure, fake nails, press on nails

Aren’t these gorgeous? Not only did I not have to go through the hassle of mattifying my nails, but I also didn’t have to do a glitter bomb that would be a pain to get off. These take less than ten minutes to apply and they come off by gently lifting from the sides. However, once these set on your nails, I get about 5-6 days of strong hold. And when I remove? My nails are slightly dry but not damaged at all. A little cuticle oil fixes them up.

impress manicure, imPress press on nails, press on nails, fake nails

My only real advice with these is to take your time selecting the nails. If they overhang onto your cuticle or do not fit the curve of your nail, they won’t hold. But the good news is, I love love love how many different sizes the packs come with, and they aren’t overly large. Pinky nails are tiny, you know? At least mine are! I can get a natural looking manicure from these that takes so little effort. I love that.

They aren’t reusable but there are enough in the pack for two manis and maybe some accent nails later on. For $6.99, considering how well they hold without any damaging nail glue, I love the price.

Overall, I am once again loving my mani thanks to imPRESS. Press-on nails really have come a long way! And apparently they have 40 styles now. I can work with that!

Check them out here if you wish, imPRESS, and have a wonderful day!


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