Rimmel Special Edition Kate Moss Gel Liner in Emerald

Hey friends!
This little pot of liner is something I have seen popping up in random places lately, but it isn’t even on Ulta’s website (I found it in an Ulta store)!
 The Rimmel ScandalEyes gel liners are part of the permanent range, but this Emerald shade is special edition and part of a Kate Moss release, so it has her signature on the top of the pot instead of a crown.
At $8 and 2.4g of product, price-wise this is great for a gel liner. It also comes with a small but very nice eyeliner brush. I was intrigued by the color more than anything because emerald is supposed to really make brown eyes pop!
In the pot, it almost looks like a matte emerald, but when swatched there is a bit of metallic sheen and some very small and sparse particles of green glitter. However, it translates as almost matte on the eye. 
Here you can see more of the difference between the two tones of the liner. The liner lasts 11 hours on my upper lash line and doesn’t flake or smear. This is what I love about the product!
But the reason I am not jumping up and down?
 That pretty emerald doesn’t translate well onto my lid. It looks like more of a forest green and the sparkles make it hard to apply and make even. As you can see, in trying to build up the color it got patchy in places. It is still workable with patience, but this won’t be something I will reach for everyday because of that hassle. I still love the way it looks against my brown eyes, but I wish it had more of a wow factor.
Have you seen this? Will you be picking it up? With a coupon at CVS/Ulta/Walgreens it might be worth it for the staying power if you want to take the time to fiddle with it.

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