Lancôme Lip Lover in Orange Manége: Swatches and Review

The Lancôme Lip Lover’s are fairly new, but I have had mine for a few months, somehow forgot to review it, and realized today that I have been taking it everywhere with me. Regardless of my fascination with it, I still have mixed feelings.

Lancome Lip Lover Orange Manege

The shade that I purchased at Nordstrom is called Orange Manége ($23). This was during another shopping adventure with my momma (can you tell we are best buds yet?) and she opted for Beige Adage, which was pretty, but a bit too neutral for me. (FYI my friend Meesha over at Strawberry Hearts Chocolate Darts just posted a bunch of swatches, including Beige Adage and Orange Manége, if you want to view them on a different skin tone!!)
I was captivated by the name. I mean, it has orange in it, right? And orange is the perfect summer color—it is everywhere right now and I did not have many oranges in my lip wardrobe. I swatched it in store, and the swatch was rather orange.

Lancome Lip Lover Orange Manege swatch
I fell in love and snapped it up. On my lips, however, it isn’t quite as orange, and is instead a pretty rosy coral. I still love it, but I just wish it had more of a pop to it. Lancôme says these are long lasting, but they only last about 2 hours on my lips. They also claim they are ‘Dewy Intense Lip Color‘. Dewy–totally. My lips feel great when wearing this, which is probably why it hasn’t left my purse, but intense? Look somewhere else if you want a full color gloss or liquid lipstick.
Lancome Lip Lover Orange Manege
These are completely non-sticky and I love that the brush is long and flexible, with a little tip to make sure application is a breeze. And the packaging? Lancôme classy at its finest. I love the little click mechanism…it makes me feel so chic!
Now, do you wanna see it on? I thought so!
Lancome Lip Lover Orange Manege swatch
I love how dewy and fresh it makes my lips look, and there is a slight shimmer that you can see on my bottom lip. Is it a showstopper of a color? Not really…but it is great for everyday wear.

 photo panda-sig_zps4a356226.jpg


18 thoughts on “Lancôme Lip Lover in Orange Manége: Swatches and Review

  1. Margo, you are a sweetie pie for giving me a shout out. Surprisingly, this looks sheerer on you than it does on me. I don't know if you have tried the Dior Fluid Sticks and Revlon Moisture Stains, but I will be posting a review on those soon and am excited to share it with you. Hope you're doing fine hun. I'm going to insert a link to your post next to the orange shade in my post if that is okay with you – share the besties love!


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