My Hong Kong Adventures and Etude House Dear My Jelly Lips

Miss me?
If you have been following my personal Instagram, you may have noticed I have been having some adventures in Hong Kong! I’ll give you some more pictures at the end of this post, but it was really fun! Of course, I had to get in a little beauty shopping while there though, right?
When I walked out of my hotel, I was delighted to see a giant Etude House glowing pink and frilly across the street. I dragged my roommate in and managed to only walk out with a lipstick.

Etude House Dear My Jelly Lipstick review

But oh, it is a glorious lipstick. Hong Kong is a pricey city and on day one, I was a little shaky with the currency conversion so just bought one thing. Turns out, this lippie was only $11 USD, but you can find it cheaper here if you so wish!

etude house sweet recipe dear my jelly lips-talk review
The full name of this is Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-talk in JPK002, which is a raspberry color.
I am a sucker for the aesthetic of Etude House, and I have to admit, it was so fun shopping in the store. Everything was so pink! I love the white bejeweled packaging. It almost looks like doll/play makeup.
Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-Talk in JPK002
I also fell in love with the jelly-look of the lipstick itself. My friend and I had a ball swatching them, and I decided this one looked the ‘juiciest’. It also has a sweet Hawaiian Punch smell to it, which is fun!
dear my jelly lips sweet recipe etude house
The color is sheerer, but buildable, and honestly more pigmented than I thought. I did not have high hopes for the quality of this, but it feels good on my lips, lasts about 2 hours, and has a lovely color.
Overall, I am glad I picked up this little gem from Etude House. Have you tried any of their cosmetics or skincare? I wanted to pick up a BB Cream, but I was constantly out of time to go shopping!
Now, as promised, a peek into my Hong Kong adventures!
The skyline is amazing!! I really fell in love with this city!
It was monsoon-rainy and windy there, but here is me in front of the harbor. Also…85 degree heat and 90% humidity made my skin feel great! But the rest of me…not so much!
Also, this little dumpling guy was kind of the cutest thing ever. 
Missed you all! 

 photo panda-sig_zps4a356226.jpg


14 thoughts on “My Hong Kong Adventures and Etude House Dear My Jelly Lips

  1. I'm so glad you had an amazing time on Hong Kong! That's so awesome that you got to go there! The lipstick is gorgeous! I love the packaging and the color looks beautiful!


  2. Margo!!! Yes, I did miss you a lot. Are you back in the U.S. now? When are you going to UK? Hong Kong is an amazing place and I am glad you had the chance to go makeup shopping. I would love to visit an Etude House store some day in the future. The color is lovely of course. Did you try out the EH liquid lipsticks or stains? I saw Judy from ItsJudysLife haul the stains and they are gorgeous too. Let me know when you are heading over to UK because I have a lot of suggestions for you (not that I have tried any myself, but will get to enjoy it through your posts). Will email you other deets. 🙂


  3. Welcome back!!! It's been fun following your IG adventures but I'm glad to see some blog action again 😉 That lipstick– I adoooore that packaging, how utterly unique! And nice to be able to walk out of Etude House with just one item, and one that didn't exacerbate your sticker shock. Such a pretty, wearable shade, too. Just curious– any fume at Etude House? For some reason, when you mentioned the name, my mind immediately went to perfume.


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