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I’ve talked about BA Star Cosmetics here before and now, thanks to Brandbacker, I have a chance to introduce you to my favorite product from this brand.
For those of you not familiar, BA Star is an affordable brand that curates their collections around cheerleader, dancer, and performer needs.But considering the most strenuous thing I do is Zumba, I don’t need my makeup to last through a sweat-session. However, the long-wear BA Star provides for athletes means that my makeup is going to last through a hot day easily.

BA Star cosmetics

This palette is called ‘Spicy Natural’ and is one of BA Star’s 5 pan high pigment palettes. I also recieved a sample of their Body Shimmer Base (which is an allover glitter primer). These palettes retail for $8.75 on their website: packaging is plastic, thin, and rounded, which makes it easy to store. My gold/yellow shadow came a bit chipped but I don’t mind at all. It was nothing major, just kicked up some of the fallout you see in the pan. It also comes with a double-sided eye brush (one else a brush, the other a sponge tip).

BA Star cosmetics
These shadows have a creamy texture and I recommend patting them on instead of swiping, and then you can blend. Blending does fade them a bit, but they can easily be built back up to the desired pigment. The first three colors are a beige, a gorgeous orange/bronze, and a deep cocoa. They are all extremely shimmery.
BA Star cosmetics
The last two colors add the ‘spice’ to this palette: a plummy purple and a yellow/gold. 
BA Star cosmetics
Here are all of the shadows without any primer. Decent pigmentation. Average fallout, but nothing that ruins your look or you can’t brush away. 
But…it gets better!
BA Star eye shadow palette
With a thin layer of the BA Star Body Shimmer Base underneath and much less of the eyeshadow, the results are spectacular. Just pat on to well-primed eyes and you get luxurious, almost ‘foiled’, looking color. I am so loving that purple!
Wear time is great. Lasts the whole day on me! (so 12+ hours) There is some minor glitter fallout throughout the day if I am in a rush and missed a tiny spot during priming because these really perform their best when held to the skin with a base. 
On the eyes, they are very, very glittery, but a wash of the beige on my brown bone is subtle enough for some daytime sparkle!
Every time I try BA Star products, I honestly like them more and more!

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28 thoughts on “BA Star 5-Pan Eye Shadow Palette in Spice Natural: Review and Swatches

  1. What a gorgeous palette! It's like they're neutral while being anything but– like, if it weren't for the glitter, they'd be super easy to wear. They remind me of Indian saris.


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