The Fair Foundation Files and My Take on a Classic Look for Spring

The extensive testing process is over and I have come to a lot of conclusions about Rimmel’s Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation in shade 010 Light Porcelain (retail $4.99 at Ulta, but I received it complimentary from Influenster).

So, what does this wunderkind have to offer us?
  • Cheap price tag at around $5 depending on location
  • No added fragrance as far as I can tell
  • Totally matte
  • Fun mousse texture
  • Lots of light shades

It claims to offer ‘lightweight shine control’ as well, but we will get to that claim.
The texture of this is a mousse and is very fluffy, so you will think you need more when you actually don’t. A little goes a long way—a lot gets cakey fast. This can be used with fingers, a BB, a flat brush, or a round foundation brush. I have tried all methods and they all basically work the same.
Here is me wearing Stay Matte in Light Porcelain all over my face. It almost covers my hardcore cheek hormonal blemishes, but a little dab of concealer fixes them right up. I just wanted to show you with only this product.
You really need to moisturize and prime well. Even if you have oily skin, this will get into every pore and every fine line. But if you prep well, this can have great results.
My results have been nothing less than spectacular. For over a week, this foundation (Clinique moisturizer and primer underneath) has keep me completely shine/oil free for 12-15 hour days. I have worn this during busy work and school days and I also wore it to a 95 degree day at the Huntington Library (for you non-Californians, it is beautiful, but mostly outside and was hotter than the sun that day). No shine whatsoever.Β 
But before you go running out and buying this, I have a few words of advice….
This may work for me, but I feel this will probably be a seasonal product for me. It takes a ton of prep time for me to look flawless with it (I have larger pores and my cheeks run drier). Also, I do not see this as ‘lightweight’. It certainly isn’t heavy, but I would say you can feel it on your skin.
Also keep in mind that this tends to oxidize in my experience about half a shade. If you have a chance, try a test patch on your skin first. Ulta let me return the first shade I bought before the Influenster box with no problem (that shade was Light Ivory, the next one up from this, and ran too yellow).
Overall: If you are drier on at least 50% of your face or have a lot of fine lines, this might be a nightmare for you. Oily girls…grab this and throw away your blotting linens forever.
Now, onto the fun stuff…I decided to make a look for Influenster and @RimmelLondonUS for the #StayMatteSwitch movement.

This is my twist on a classic look—for Spring! Substituting my normal red lip for something pinker and of course, matte skin!
What I Used:
1. Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation in Light Porcelain ($4.99)
4. Benefit They’re Real Mascara ($23)
6. Nude browbone shadow from Wet N Wild ‘Drinking a Glass of Shine’ Palette ($4)
7. NYX Collection Noir Liquid Black Liner ($5.99)
This is a routine I rely on for early morning to still feel fun and fresh
1. Prime, get that foundation on your face—any way you like—and then conceal!
2. Set with powder
3. A little blush on the apple of your cheeks. Something dewy works well!
4. Curl lashes and apply mascara
5. A nude matte wash of shadow on your lid is simple and a no-makeup look
6. A liquid liner baby cat eye keeps things classic
7. A hint of brow keeps things looking put together
8. And a glossy coral pout keeps things fresh!
What is your go-to Spring look?

 photo panda-sig_zps4a356226.jpg


16 thoughts on “The Fair Foundation Files and My Take on a Classic Look for Spring

  1. You did a great review on this!!! I have the same shade in this foundation as you do- and I like that it oxidizes slightly because like it's not too light haha!! Great makeup look as well, you look gorgeous!


  2. Doing away with blotting papers indeed sounds enticing! I've never been a foundation person, yet I find myself curious about this. If I end up trying it, I'll report back!

    You look gorgeous as always πŸ™‚ I've really been feeling bolder eyes and lighter lips this spring and I don't feel separation anxiety from my reds anymore, lol…Well, maybe a little.


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