PrettyPanda Asks: Favorite Palette?

So, I need the help of my trusted beauty friends! Before just going out and shopping on a whim, I wanted to ask you all what your favorite palette available at Ulta is?
I am planning on using my birthday coupon towards a purchase of a palette and I want your advice!
Comment below and if you have a review of the palette you like, link me to it!

Have a great day, and thanks!

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21 thoughts on “PrettyPanda Asks: Favorite Palette?

  1. If you don't have these already- Naked 1 palette, Naked Basics, or the Lorac Pro Palette!
    I've had my eye on the too faced chocolate bar and the It Cosmetics Naturally pretty palette.


  2. Any of the UD Naked Palettes. I have all four and I'm happy with them all. Another great palette is the Lorac Pro Palette, that's one of my favorites right now!


  3. I got one more — Too Faced Chocolate Palette. But my top utmost favorite, tried and tested is LORAC Unzipped (pick this over UD Naked 3). Look at me being a busy body and I don't even wear eyeshadows much. LOL. But LORAC Unzipped has satisfied my need, truly if you someone asked me to pick one and only, then this one is enough. 🙂 Btw I'm emailing you this weekend. 🙂 Avoid Smashbox and Stila = poor pigmentation, chalky (my opinion).


  4. It Cosmetics is having F&F sale… 25% off and free shipping over $30. So, you can use your BDAY coupon on one and if the other happens to be the IT Cosmetics one, then you have another option. 🙂


  5. Hi Margo,
    I'm new to your blog; I just discovered it. My sister picked up the original Naked palette, bronzed based and pearly, not shimmery like Naked 2 (taupe based). She likes darker eye shadows. I just picked up the IT Cosmetics Pretty and Natural matte palette because it has high, velvety pigmentation and many mid tones I want and need. It has a variety of shades. If you can splurge, The IT Cosmetics's 25% sale ends tue. Apr. 08. at midnight EDT, and you can get your other favorite palette at ULTA with your birthday coupon. cigi


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