The Fair Foundation Files: Lorac Natural Performance Foundation in NP 1 Porcelain

Welcome to another installment of the ‘Fair Foundation Files’.
I have been testing Lorac’s Natural Performance Foundation in the lightest shade, NP 1 Porcelain. 

Lorac natural performance foundation
So, what does this contender have going for it?
  • $36 for 6ml
  • Fragrance Free/Oil Free/Paraben Free
  • Premiere Olive Leaf Extract, Vitamin A, and Xyleine (An ingredient that includes active papaya and lemon extracts).
  • Skin-like finish
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Travel friendly pump, more on this later
  • Medium-full buildable coverage
Lorac natural performance foundation
I was first drawn to this foundation because it had a neutral porcelain shade, which I needed. I also liked that it was fragrance free (and really is).
Lorac natural performance foundation
Let’s talk about this pump. I normally am a little wary of pumps because they can break, dispense too much product, or just generally be annoying. This pump? Perfection. One pump dispenses what you see on my hand. I use about two and a half of these for almost full coverage, but really, it is a small amount. I like how it pumps out less and you can build instead of the opposite where you waste.
The other awesome this is that one twist to the right pops up the pump. One twist left sinks the pump back down into the cap creating a leak-free, travel friendly foundation. Awesome!
Lorac natural performance foundation
This is that pump above spread out lightly so you can get a feel for the consistency. It is light but creamy and very, very pale.
Lorac natural performance foundation
And here is that same amount blended in. My skin but better and slightly luminous. I would actually call this a demi-matte, as that is how it appears on my face.
Ready for the full-face swatch?
Lorac natural performance foundation
No other makeup besides the Lorac Natural Performance Foundation. Oh, and the debut of my new hair (although I didn’t blow-dry it or anything today…those pictures will come later!)
I love how fresh and like skin this looks, and it matches my coloring perfectly!
How I apply:
  • Fingers! These are your best bet. I just find that the texture, which is almost tinted moisturizer like, but obviously heavier coverage, just works well and smooths onto my skin easily with the heat of my fingers.
  • Sponge (BB/Real Technique blender etc): Does an okay job, but sheers it out too much for my liking.
  • Foundation brush (flat or round): Don’t waste your time with this method. Pretty ineffective.
So, what’s the verdict then?

  • Feels great/weightless on my skin.
  • Does not oxidize on me, and keeps my oil relatively at bay.
  • Looks like the texture of my skin.
  • Wear time is all day (15+) hours with a primer…but still good wear (6/7 hours looking great) without.
  • Great color match.
  • Travels well!
  • Not the easiest to apply, mostly because I hate using my fingers.
Overall: This gives me stunning skin as long as I put in the effort. My sensitive skin does not flare up and I don’t have to worry about itching or it feeling heavy. This has been a staple in my routine and will continue to be!
Will you be checking out Lorac Natural Performance Foundation?

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24 thoughts on “The Fair Foundation Files: Lorac Natural Performance Foundation in NP 1 Porcelain

  1. I've been curious about this foundation! I saw some in sale at sephora since they were getting rid of all their Lorac prodcuts but they didn't have a shade left to match me. Great post Margo it looks nice on your skin!


  2. Since I'm clueless about foundations… eek… I better not comment, but I wish foundation blended as well on me as it does on you. What I do want to comment on are you purr-teee EYES! Those eyes probably make a lot of hearts melt. 🙂 Ahhh… sometimes my comments are so weird, but since we're like far far away besties I think it is OK! xxx


  3. Psshh your comments are not weird! Say anything you want love 🙂 It just endears me to you more! And don't worry about being clueless about foundation…your skin is the definition of perfection! You don't need a drop. I'm actually getting more and more comfortable going out of the house without anything on though, so I'm proud of that. And my eyes…thank you, you are so sweet. They are actually so big, my nickname is Big Eyes haha.


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