Let’s Talk Eye Care

Besides a neck cream, I also needed an eye cream. I have been using Clinique’s All About Eyes, but wanted something to ease and prevent fine lines…sadly, I have a few already. So, I looked into Neutrogena Healthy Skin Eye Cream ($11.99). As far as drugstore brands go, I trust Neutrogena. They have science that makes sense; I like that.
One of the main draws for me for this eye cream was that it deals with the three things I need: fine lines, moisture, and firmness. It is also fragrance free, which was a must for me, as my eyes are very sensitive.
One of my favorite things about this eye cream is the applicator. Instead of just a tip, the tip flares out, which creates a perfect dollop of product every time. At least that is what I experience the benefit to be, but if you know why else you would want an applicator like this, let me know!
A dollop of this size is perfect for both under eyes and outer upper lids (I place a bit on my browbones as well). It also wears beautifully under makeup and does not irritate anything. I have been using this for two weeks and my fine lines around my eyes are starting to become a bit blurry, but the real noticeable difference is in the moisture level of my under eye.
Do I think this is a HG eye cream? No. But it does what it says for my younger eyes and I hope it continues to impress me down the road.
Here are my tips for healthy eyes:
1. Don’t rub! If you have allergies, get eye drops, or try and soothe them in another way (take off your makeup/cool compress) because that rubbing creates fine lines! Trust me, I have major allergies and was a eye rubber up until recently.
2. Remove makeup gently. Plan ahead so that you do not feel the need to scrub at your eyelids because you are in a hurry. Also, use waterproof makeup remover, or a dual-phase product. Gently press the product on a cotton pad against your eye and gently massage. Don’t force the issue!
3. Sunscreen and sunglasses—enough said!
4. Careful what you put on your eyes and how you apply it. Seriously ladies and gentlemen, we are above buying scratchy no-name eyeliners. That stuff is not good for that delicate tissue! Be careful and don’t use anything that tugs or pulls.
5. Eye cream. Whether it be this one or your own favorite, find one now and pat it on twice daily. Your future self will thank you!

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20 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Eye Care

  1. Amazing post Margo!! I have tried out a few eye creams and I don't think any of them are working for me 😦 I keep using them for moisture though haha. I have a bad habit of rubbing my eyes a lot especially when removing makeup. I might give this one a try though!


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