Olay Fresh Effects Dew Over! Hydrating Gel Moisturizer: Review

With each passing day, I become more and more obsessed with skin care. I have a Clinique regimen that works well, but I needed a couple of extras, so I checked out {Dew Over!} from the Olay Fresh Effects line. I loved their Long Live Moisture lotion but ran out of it. Honestly, I was looking for a neck cream, and this was marked specifically for face and neck, while others weren’t. But does that even matter? Who knows… Anyway, I don’t need a heavy lifting or sculpting neck cream at 23, but I wanted something that would moisturize.
olay fresh effects dew over moisturizer
Olay has really nailed their young-fresh-teen/early 20’s target market with this line. The packaging is cool and the products that I have tried work well for my skin needs.
olay fresh effects dew over moisturizer
{Dew Over!} Hydrating Gel Moisturizer retails for $12.99, but those handy $3.50 off Ulta coupons brought this down to under $10, which is a more reasonable price for what I wanted this for.
So, {Dew Over!} claims to give 24 hour hydration—well, I wouldn’t go that far. When I used it on face and neck I felt comfortable for about 15 hours, then parts of my face (outer cheeks, around the nose) got a bit dry. But at that point I am getting ready for bed. Really, I hate the whole 24 hour marketing ploy…no one stays awake that long except in zombie apocalypses/movies/both at the same time. I have combo/dry skin that is blemish prone.
This also claims to be oil free and not clog pores—I agree with this, so far, so good. No breakouts from use.
It is formulated with powder to keep oil at bay and leave a breathable finish—-am I less oily?, not so much. To me, this is a pretty heavy moisturizer, so I like to use it on only my neck and only at night after the testing rounds. It was a bit too much for my face—couldn’t fully quench the dry parts for the whole day (as I said, around the 15 hour mark) but made my oily bits need blotting. However, the point with this is to have dewy, glowy skin, which this provides.
Confused yet? Well, this is a confusing product, which is why it is just okay overall…trying to excel at too much…read on…
olay fresh effects dew over moisturizer
This is a little pot of blue tinted cream and it has a strong smell, which is why I have settled to only use it on my neck. It works wonderfully there, rubbed into my upper shoulders and chest when it gets hot (and it is getting hot already in Cali!) and it leaves me feeling refreshed. I like the smell, but it is a bit too much to put on my face, granted I am sensitive to some scents near my eyes.
The scent is honeysuckle and white tea, which is yummy, but is very overwhelming to me. Try and sniff this if you can before you buy!
dew over olay fresh effects
This sinks into skin rapidly, which I really like. And a little goes a long way!
Water and glycerin are the first two ingredients in this, so I do like that this is water based, but it has some ‘cones. However, after a few days of use on my face, I did not experience a breakout (and usually one would occur within the same day).
Overall, I like {Dew Over!} for a quick, refreshing neck cream that will keep me moisturized. It is half the purpose, but not the whole purpose, so I only recommend this if you are looking for a simple neck cream. As a face cream, the scent is too strong for me to wear it, but try it for yourself! That is why this product is only meh for me. I will use it up, but I won’t repurchase.

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12 thoughts on “Olay Fresh Effects Dew Over! Hydrating Gel Moisturizer: Review

  1. Great review Margo! I have been looking for a new face cream for nighttime and I usually buy Olay moisturizers. I'll trust your opinion that it's just ok and maybe skip this! Thanks for your honesty!


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