NYX Butter Lipstick in Mary Janes: Swatches and Review

When I was doing my #28daysoflippies challenge on Instagram, my friend and fellow blogger Meesha at Strawberry Hearts Chocolate Darts (psstt…go follow her!) suggested I get NYX Butter Lipstick in ‘Mary Janes’ ($5.99)…and I tried…but unfortunately, all of my local NYX carriers were sold out, until recently.I finally got my hands on this gem and I was so eager to try it out!

Funny story, so I was messing around on Photoshop and now my picture looks like this, but with lipstick instead of a cat:

I crack myself up haha.
Anyway, Mary Janes is a slightly deeper true red. Because of the creaminess, it makes your lips look full and this is easy to wear. Make sure to line your lips or use an invisible lip liner because the creaminess causes it to migrate a bit.

The above picture is one, rather light, swipe on my lips. This baby is very pigmented and fun to wear. I am so glad I added it to my red collection because of the formula alone.
Pucker up! I can’t wait to expand my NYX Butter Lipstick collection further!

 photo panda-sig_zps4a356226.jpg


13 thoughts on “NYX Butter Lipstick in Mary Janes: Swatches and Review

  1. Aw! Margo! Thank you so much for mentioning me. You are a sweetheart! Guess what I finally bought this lipstick today and am loving it. I think I might have posted my IG picture of it right as you posted up your review (I'm basing this off the time-stamp). This is how strong our connection. Great minds think alike. I read your post to my mom and she told me I should definitely meet you someday in the future. 🙂 I also want to buy the shade called Pops, but like you had trouble finding Mary Janes, I am having a really hard time tracking down Pops. 🙂 Btw I'm glad you also got Clinique's Ginger Pop b/c that and this will pair nicely together. And I got both your comments yday. Lol. You're adorable! xxx


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