My Very First Empties Post: February 2014

I have never done an empties post on the blog, and I don’t plan on boring you by making it too long, but this year, I am all about using up what I have bought with my money! Why waste it?
This months’ empties are a small group, but I feel proud nonetheless! All of the items are linked back to original reviews if I have them.

February 2014 Empties:
Clinique Dramatically Different Gel Moisturizer $14.50 for 50ml: This lasted me about 4 months, and I used it every single day, sometimes 3 or 4 times. Not bad! I already replaced it with the original lotion formula because my skin is really dry, but the gel is great for summer months.
Maybelline Babylips SPF 20 in Peppermint $2.99: These are easy to use up with regular application. One lasts me about a month, 2 weeks if it is my only balm.
Mini Vaseline Lip Therapy $2.00: Love these little pots for everything! This lasted me about 6 months. Used mostly as a night lip treatment.
Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm $6.00: Started using this at the beginning of January very regularly (2-5x a day) so I say this is a pretty good value. Need more!

This is my final empty— Parasol from the Tarte Aqualillies Palette from last year ($38). This gorgeous nude has been a staple in my everyday eye looks for the last 6 months straight, and off and on when I first got it almost a year ago. Crazy how long one shadow lasts! I am still gonna use up that last bit, but I wanted to show you a bit of the color.
Did you empty anything this month? Feel free to link me your February Empties!

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12 thoughts on “My Very First Empties Post: February 2014

  1. Great empties, I loved that Clinique moisturizer too. I went through a ton of skincare this past month as well – lots of Origns deluxe samples.


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