Sponge Showdown!

I’ve always used a stippling brush or my fingers to apply foundation, but I have always lusted after the Beauty Blender. You know, that $20 sponge? Before you all hate me….I really do think it is worth it, and for those of you that have it…awesome!
Personally, I just can’t afford a $20 on a grad school budget when there is so much other beauty to haul!

I have only played around with the Beauty Blender and used it to apply makeup to others. I do not own one, so this is based on feel, and observation of makeup application only. The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge is roughly the same size and is meant to do what the BB does.FACTS:BB                                             RTTear Drop                                 Oval with flat sectionExpands in water                      Expands in water$20                                            $6Pink/White/Black                      OrangeIn my experience, the use is the same. You get the sponges damp, apply makeup, and blend out. This does not have as fine as a tip as the BB does, but the flat side is a great addition for smoothing.

Overall, the BB may last longer, and may be a bit easier to grip and use, but this is the closest thing I have found to a dupe for it. And at $6, I am not complaining!
Are you a loyal BB fan, or will you be trying the Real Techniques version?

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