A Rose is a Rose: Swatches and Review

My last new gloss from the Beautifully Disney line is called “A Rose is a Rose” named after my all-time favorite princess, Belle, from Beauty and the Beast.

Although I am not a huge fan of the new “glam” princesses, I still think the packaging is beautiful. A Rose is a Rose is part of the Unlock the Spell collection by Beautifully Disney, which includes Tiana and Rapunzel. 
A Rose is a Rose is a very pretty mauve/pink with gold shimmer (definitely more mauve on lips than this swatch). The formula is consistent with around 3 hours wear time without eating (it does melt into the lips during that times and becomes more satiny than glossy) and no weirdly fake lip gloss smell, which I like.
Out of all the shades Beautifully Disney offers in lip gloss, this is the best My Lips But Better shade, and is the most natural and flattering. However, it isn’t really unique. My love of Belle prompted this pick up, but other shades are much more unique!
Take note—BD recently launched their Fantasy in Flight collection, which is all about the Fairies! Looks pretty cute to me, but I will have to grab some of the other glosses from older collections before they discontinue them!

 photo panda-sig_zps4a356226.jpg


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