Unlock the Spell: L’Amour Mauve Eye Shadow Collection from Beautifully Disney

I didn’t just try out the lippies from the Beautifully Disney line, but gave one of their eye shadow palettes a whirl as well!

The Unlock the Spell eye shadow palette by Beautifully Disney retails for $27.95 with four huge shadows in a gorgeous collectors palette with outlines of Tiana, Belle, and Rapunzel: the three Princesses who literally have to unlock a spell in their stories.

This palette is called L’Amour Mauve, which is no surprise considering the rose tones housed within it. I love how big the pans are, and the colors are easy to make a look out of!
There is a sparkling cream color, a dusty deep mauve, a red-toned violet, and a sparkling medium toned brown. All have some shimmer but no heavy glitter.Β 
Overall, they perform fairly well, although they are patchy on my hand. They blend into a nice eye look (coming soon!) and I really love the concept and packaging. I also like that they put together four shades that actually work well together!
However, you may have similar shades in your stash, and although this formula is nothing to sneeze at, it’s not perfect. I also wish it had a mirror!
I will probably be sticking with BD glosses and polishes in the future, but I am glad I have this to pull out whenever I want to feel like a Princess!

 photo panda-sig_zps4a356226.jpg


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