Laura Geller Mini Lip Set

Mini sets are my favorite things!

This mini lip set (found at Ulta for $15) includes baby tubes of Laura Geller lip tints and Lip Strip scrub. Perfect to throw in a weekend bag and go!

So Sassy is a red balm and So Rosy is a bubblegum pink balm. These are so hydrating and easy to wear. And the cute little size is pocket-friendly. And the price if forgiving if you accidentally wash the jeans with this still in them…
Lip Strip is awesome. The full size retails for $18, but a little goes a long way here. It smells minty and easily buffs away imperfections for a flawless canvas to your lip tints or any other lip product.
So Rosy is your typical light pink. It settles into fine lines on lips, but is a rather comfortable formula and the slight settling doesn’t bother me.
But of course, So Sassy, the red tint, is more my speed. Makes lip look juicy, hydrated and full!
I haven’t had much experience with Laura Geller products, but my lips sure feel stellar after using Lip Strip and the Lip Tints!
What is your fave Laura Geller product?

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