Two New Balms I Love!

I proudly raise my hand as a lip balm junkie…but I still get excited over new formulas and packaging.
I just can’t help myself!

My first new love is the Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm in a tube!! Many of you may be familiar with the cult favorite Rosebud Salve in a tin. There is a tin version of this as well, but I love the tube so much! Really easy application.
This does come out pink, but is colorless on the lips. The scent/taste is like the normal Rosebud salve, with a hint of mint, which I find much less strong and much more pleasing. This is not thick, but still moisturizes really well. It has become a new staple in my purse!
You can find the tube version for $6 in store and online atΒ Anthropologie. There are also Raspberry and Mocha ones I totally need!
My next love is the deliciously yummy Limoncello Lip Butter!
First of all, the packaging is gorgeous and I fully plan on making it a jewelry tin when I am through with it. But first, it is helping my lips stay soft and supple with the perfect lemony sweet citrus smell that I love using in the morning to wake me up!
I love that the lid is attached, and the handy mirror makes it great for touch-ups on the go. Although I hate sticking my fingers in pot balms, the totally lovely formula of this makes it an exception for me.
Find this little lovely by The Soap and Paper Factory for $9 also atΒ Anthropologie.

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