Essence Match2Cover! Cream Concealer Swatches and Review

Who doesn’t love cheap thrills?Essence’s Match2Color! Cream Concealer ($3) caught my eye the other day, as I am in a market for a new one and hey…you never know where you might find your HG!

This comes with a slightly darker (but still very fair) shade and a pinky, brightener shade. These are creamy, but need a little warming up, are on the drier side of formulation, and are buildable but sheer if you only apply one layer.

I like the idea of mixing and matching to create a custom concealer and this formula did not irritate my eyes or settle in any fine lines.
The texture is very natural, and blends into skin easily. However, this will not make my HG concealer list. It just doesn’t cover all of my dark circles. This would be a great concealer/brightener for someone with very little under eye tiredness or circles, but unfortunately I have those problems in spades.
I really love the formula, and I might use this for concealing small blemishes, as it looks very natural, but this won’t be for under eye (granted, it wasn’t marketed for under eye…but I think most concealers should be able to work there).
Have you tried?

 photo panda-sig_zps4a356226.jpg


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