Love + Toast Handcreams: Quick Review

Hey Pandas! Just want to show you one of my new favorite treats/brands available at Ulta! 

 Love + Toast is a new brand of bath/lotions that I am obsessed with. They have a fun/vintage/kitschy vibe of their packaging and smell heavenly. I recently picked up two scents in their handcream for $8 each. Their handcreams are formulated with shea, macademia, olive, and fruit butters and avocado and sunflower oil. They are super moisturizing and are paraben free as well as cruelty-free! I love it! Sugar Grapefruit (pink tube) is very fresh. You can really smell the grapefruit extract and it is slightly sweetened but not artificially, almost like the sugar-in-the raw smell. Delish! Honey Coconut (blue tube) is very light, a little floral, but it does have the distinct gourmand notes of honey and coconut. Try them out if you pass them in Ulta!  photo panda-sig_zps4a356226.jpg


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