Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Anarchy: Swatches and Review

Yes, I love Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks so much, I had to go back for more…this time in the form of a hot pink stunner called Anarchy

 Anarchy ($22) was a shade originally on my to-get list, but it was sold out around me. When it came back in stock, I got my greedy hands on it and I have to say, it has lived up to all my hopes and dreams. Besides, how can a lipstick named Anarchy not be cool? 

In a sleek gunmetal casing, the Revolution lipsticks are just as pretty to look at in the tube as they are on the lips. With Anarchy, the formula is just like Native and F-Bomb (the other two I reviewed here). Creamy, ultra-pigmented, and comfortable to wear despite the denseness of the formula.
As far as the shade goes, you really can’t get much louder than this bright, blue-toned fuchsia! However, it is surprisingly easy to wear and even easier to tone down if you want.
Here is Anarchy on my lips, applied straight from the tube, with flash. I find they really pump up the look of your lips, making them seem fuller and smoother.
And here it is again on my lips in natural light. Both of these lip swatches are straight from the tube, but I find that with these lipsticks, applying with a lip brush, setting with translucent powder, and then applying again makes for all day wear…nearly 7 hours on me with minor eating and a normal amount of water drinking.
Overall, Anarchy is a Panda Approved shade!
Have you joined the Revolution yet?

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