So, Grad School…and Do Those Sheet Masks Actually Work?

Hello Pandas. It has been a little while. Not an unforgivably long while, but a little while nonetheless. Wondering about my slight absence? If you are, I adore you, because you are too sweet. Aren’t? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway. I’ve just started my fall semester of grad school, and anyone that has even attempted grad school can relate that it is long hours of studying and pretty much nothing else…hence the blogging has been limited. However, I have a few days to catch up, so you can expect more from PrettyPanda very soon…starting with this short snippet on sheet masks. 

 You have probably all seen these floating around the drugstore or at Ulta. I have been curious about sheet masks from Asian brands before, but this was kind of an impulse buy because I thought, heck…I could use a few minutes of relaxation. (All that studying…remember?) 

 This mask has tea tree and spearmint to awaken the skin. For $2.50 I was kinda sold. I basically just like masks… 

Here is the mask on me…it has leaves, you guys. Leaves. That is about the coolest thing going for this mask. Basically you pull it out of the package a sopping mess of fabric, try to place it on your face, although it is way too big for any face ever, and try to press it down. It tingles for a bit, but nothing major, and then you take it off and rinse. Did I notice a difference in my skin?
Nada. I think it even contributed to a recent breakout. But again, that could be grad school stress talking.
But overall, the experience of having this on my face was less than relaxing. I will pass next time one of these comes into my sight.
What do you think? Love or hate masks like this? Are you in school, and if so, how is the semester starting off for you?

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