Lancôme La Laque Fever: Electric Pink

Every once in a while you come across a gloss that is just so gorgeous that it takes your breath away.Lancôme La Laque Fever in Electric Pink is that gloss. 

 Everything about this gloss intrigued me…the dark hot pink color, the crazy amount of shimmer, the sleek packaging….it was love at first sight. 

 And another one of the amazing things about this product…the wand. It has a large petal-shaped brush that cups the lip and lets you apply product cleanly around the cupid’s bow. Simple, but nice to have! 

At $27, this is a pricy gloss, but it looks like you dipped your lips in glitter, and not in a teeny-bopper way, like a glam rock and roll way. I love it! The formula is thick and tacky, but it lasts forever on lips…about 5 hours, which is really long for a gloss on me. The glitter does migrate a bit, so it is important to prep with liner.
It sits on the lip beautifully and has high shine that really catches the eye. I am in love with this shade because it does glitter in a grown up way.
I think this will be a great color for fall coming up. It is comfortable to wear, as I don’t mind the tackiness (think MAC) and it has a slightly sweet scent.
So happy that this gloss walked into my life!
Do you have La Laque Fever?

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