CK One Street Edition: Tagged Lipstick

CK One has been a brand catching my interest lately, especially because of their unique packaging (they look like little pills!) so I picked up a lipstick from the Street Edition Collection 

 These lipstick are the same as their shine lipsticks, but with a pretty pattern on the packaging. The color I picked up is Tagged and is a pretty glittery pink. 

 The packaging was too cute on this collection (you can still find some out there milling around Ulta’s) but the normal CK One shine lipsticks are $16, putting this in the mid-range market. 

 To me, although it is packaged as a lipstick, it has a hybrid formula, as it is very gloss and slightly thick, making it last a long time on the lips. 

 Some people may not like the thickness of this on the lips, as it almost functions as a very thick pigmented balm, but the effect is very pretty. The lasting power is also strong. 

 I like the glossiness of the formula and the way it kinda melts onto lips! Tagged is such a gorgeous dark pink shade. 

 Overall, I am not completely sold on the CK One Shine lipsticks, but I like this color and am eager to try more from the brand. Have you tried CK One?  photo panda-sig_zps4a356226.jpg


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