Sephora Disney Collection: Ariel ‘Set the Mood’ Compact Mirror

The Sephora Disney Collections have taken off in such a massive way. One of the main things people are clamoring for in each collection are the limited edition compact mirrors (older ones are selling on Ebay for crazy amounts) so I finally wanted to get a jump on having one before they were gone. 

 The Ariel Collection ‘Set the Mood’ mirror is gorgeous in everyway, and totally worth the $20. If you are even on the fence, hurry and try and find one! I don’t even see them on anymore! 

 The mirror is silver with a ‘wave’ detail surrounding the upper and outer portions, with varying rings of greens and blues ending with a silhouette of Eric and Ariel on the boat, just about to kiss. Adorable! 

 The inside says ‘You’ve got to be you’ in a flowy script, and there is a normal mirror and a magnified version. Cool! 

 I also love the weight to this mirror. It is really functional as well as beautiful and a gorgeous conversation piece, a joy to pull out of your purse, or a great addition to your collection! 

 I am so happy that I finally got one of these mirrors. Do you have one yet? Who is excited for Belle in the fall?  photo panda-sig_zps4a356226.jpg


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