ChapStick Mixstix Green Apple and Caramel

I always love finding cute and campy beauty products, so when my mom and I came across ChapStick Mixstix in Maui we had to get them! 

For under $4, you get two ChapSticks in one, with a better formula than normal ChapStick (much more moisturizing and longer lasting) and a cool way to mix and match flavors. There are two others: Strawberry and Banana and Lemon and Raspberry, but the Green Apple and Caramel was too hard to pass up!

Worn alone, each side of the Mixstix is really yummy. Green apple caramel flavors are delicious. But mixed together and your lips taste like those Caramel Apple suckers that have the sticky caramel on the outside. Too fun! Overall, I think the new ChapStick Mixstix are cute, work well, and remind me of when I was little. Definitely a fun buy!  photo panda-sig_zps4a356226.jpg


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