Maybelline Dream Sun Bronzing Face Illuminator: Swatches and Review

Summer, for most people, is all about being a bronze Goddess. Although I like to embrace my pale and my new mantra has become ‘Pale is Pretty too!’, I was still sucked into the new Maybelline Dream Sun Bronzing Face Illuminator ($8).  

 This bronzer/highlighter comes in a squeeze tube (a type of packaging I love because it is sanitary and less wasteful than a tub of something) and has a whipped, creamy consistency. 

This stuff is highly concentrated, and you only need a little dab to do both of your cheeks. You could use this on your whole face, but it is glimmery, so beware!
Here is a pea-sized amount spread out on the back of my hand in natural light. I love the way it looks so dewy! It does have a light bronze/rose gold color to it, so it can also serve as sort of a blush/bronzer/highlighter all in one.
Although I think the overall effect is nice, I don’t think it is for me. For those with a nice base tan, or darker complexions, you will find this a pretty highlighter. I think this may be a bit too much to use all over for really pale girls, and I will use mine as a cheek highlighter only. It is also a little hard to blend evenly and while it goes on like a whipped foundation, it feels gel-like when on and has this odd cooling/tightening sensation on my cheeks. It isn’t anything alarming and didn’t bother me beyond the first few minutes after initial application, but it was weird nonetheless.
 If you wear minimal makeup and love a bronze glow, this is for you! This looks best on bare skin as it is hard to blend with liquid or powder foundations. I like the concept and the effect (after a lot of trial and error) but the high maintenance of this isn’t worth it in my opinion.

Have you tried the Dream Sun Illuminator? Thoughts?

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