Franken Fun: Must Be A Weasley and PineGalaxy Nail Decals

Hey Pandas! You may remember that a while ago, I started to do ‘Franken Tuesdays’ to show off my handmade Franken Polishes. But, now that I am not keen on keeping a schedule for that, and have my very own nail blog that will soon start to handle all of my nail posts (Impressionist Nails) I have decided to call these posts Franken Fun! and they will be showcased here and in detail on my nail blog. I am actually really excited about this franken, mostly because it is named after some of my favorite people in Harry Potter (and we all know how much I like Harry Potter…) 

 ‘Must Be A Weasley’ was inspired by Draco Malfoy’s famous line to Ron Weasley, but is a franken that sums up the entire family. You can see it on all of my fingers by the ring (which is Chanel Dragon). It is a jelly red/orange glitterbomb packed with gold, red, and orange glitter. Not only Gryffindor colors, but very ‘ginger’ as well! 

I think they would approve right?
And I do have to mention PineGalaxy’s awesome nail decals over on Etsy. On my ring finger is a Gryffindor one, but next time I will use a lighter polish, although I like the tonal quality of it. Her nail decals are so awesome, and she has great customer service!!
To see more photos of this franken, hop on over to Impressionist Nails! And many thanks if you do!

  photo panda-sig_zps4a356226.jpg


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