Julep Paris Jazz Trio for Lips

Julep used to once do tips, and now they also do lips! In May’s Julep box, there was an option for a little back of three mini lipsticks along with the polishes. There was a New York option, but I chose the Paris Jazz Trio.

I kinda think Julep was inspired by the upcoming Great Gatsby movie, as everything in the box was very 20’s themed, obviously (including the polishes, which are forthcoming!). They did a great job marketing, because the movie comes out on the 10th and this cute little package is already getting me revved up (although they had no association with the Leo-filled movie). Just luck I guess?

Is this not the most adorable thing ever? I mean, come on, it is like a vintage cigarette box or something. The lipsticks are very very small, but cute! These were basically an extra in the box anyway as I received two full-sized polishes and some sweet hair clips, so I am not complaining!
From Left to Right: Lady in Red (a matte red cream), Sweet Lorraine (a sheer light pink) and Charleston (a sheer red).
They are shown in the same order as listed. Lady in Red is so pretty, the perfect blue-based red that is very flattering. The pink is okay, but is more of a lip-sheer on me, and Charleston gives a nice red tint. Overall, a cute little trio. They have no distinct smell or taste and wear nicely. Not the world’s best lipstick, but if they do make Lady in Red in a full size, I will consider getting it!
If you are a Julep Maven and got your box this month, did you like the lippies? Looking forward to the Gatsby movie? Do tell!

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