Polish, Pages, and Pretties: Revlon Buttercup

Happy Sunday!
As we approach another long, and hopefully productive week, I bring you a new installment of Polish, Pages, and Pretties featuring a lovely pale yellow perfect for Spring.

Pale yellows are an excellent neutral, because they can be less harsh on yellow-toned skin than a tan or mocha color.
This is the polish: Revlon Colorstay Long Wearing Enamel in 100: Buttercup. It is the perfect pastel yellow. Not too strong, but with that lemony sweetness. It is like a lemon meringue!
The formula on this is a little tricky, so be ware. It is streaky on the first two coats but a third evens it out. It is also slow to dry, but the end result is pretty!
As for the book underneath my polished digits, this is one of my favorites! Michael Crichton’s Timeline. Honestly, who doesn’t love a book about a bunch of people that travel back in time to a medieval city. So cool. Much better than the movie, if you have seen that.
And, there is nothing cooler than reading an action/sci-fi book with super girly nails right? Be your own woman, and be proud to not be put into one category 🙂
Hope you all have a great day!

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