FOTD: Eat, Love, Be Fab!

Hello Pandas! Here is a simple FOTD featuring mostly NYX products and the new Love in Florence: Eat, Love, Be Fab! palette.

I used the entire NYX palette on my eyes, the NYX Chocolate brown liner and L’Oreal Color Riche in Blushing Sequin.

I was really impressed with the palette, although I did a very day-friendly eye. The green is very pigmented but I blended it out to get a subtle moss shade.
This is a great look for hazel or brown eyes because it really makes them pop!
I love how this is so vibrant but so moisturising!
Here is the full look with me looking rather…bored? I have no idea why I look this way. I am also using my new NYX brow cake here, so you can see my eyebrows are definitely more red. Fun and simple look. Green and bright pink are surprisingly wearable together!
What was your favorite look that you did this week?


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