Panda-monium Mondays Vol.4

Happy Monday once again Pandas! The weeks are flying by so fast!

First, our weekly Panda picture!

It hardly looks real but it is. This is a very very small baby panda with some unidentified noodle shaped towels. I don’t know.

Did you know baby pandas suck their thumbs just like baby humans? Adorable.

Also, hope you guys all had a happy Easter! If you did anything fun, let me know, or tell me what you wore! Here is my Easter Outfit!

Only about 4 more days to enter my Franken Polish Giveaway. I don’t have enough entries to give away 5 polishes, so it might end up only being three. I just recieved all of teh supplies and I am ready to make them, so enter! The more people that enter, the more polish that can be given away, increasing all of your chances. Tell your friends!

And song of the week: How to Be A Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds. Kinda a weird/dumb video…basically her just running around with a bunch of guys in showers, but a fun, catchy song that I am kinda addicted to.

Have a happy monday friends!

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