NYX: Eyebrow Powder in Auburn/Red

So, we all know I have recently dyed my hair auburn, and although they dyed my brows to match at the salon, I still need something to fill them in.

Bizarrely, when shopping for said thing, I noticed many higher-end brands did not carry an auburn or red shade. The MAC store is pretty far from me, but one of the sales girls at Ulta convinced me to try the taupe Benefit Browzings. I let her apply it and was mildy impressed. However, I know it is a cult product but as I walked around the store clutching this tiny $30 box, I decided to search the drug-store section for an alternative.
Thank heavens for the $7 alternative: NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder for Those Movie Star Brows in Auburn/Red

This comes with a circle of clear wax, a dark auburn brown powder and a taupe powder along with a slanted brush and spoolie. Perfect for travel.

The left shade is the auburn and the right the taupe. I like how it came with two shades because real, natural eyebrows are not one stark shade. I also like the powder because you can build and not overdo it. The wax does not leave a film and the brushes are decent.
Now lets see the final product!
I am happy with the natural result and color that actually matches my new hair tone! I highly recommend this for those getting started with their brows, for red-heads, or for anyone looking for an inexpensive dupe to Benefit Brow-zings.
Panda Approved!
What is your brow routine?

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