New HG Lip Balm? Jack Black

I won’t bore you with the repetition that I am a lip balm junkie…but I am, there you go. So far, Babylips are my HG (Holy Grail) balms. But recently, I shelled out $7 (yikes!) for the Jack Black Intense Therapy lip Balm in Natural Mint.

This has a SPF 25 which is awesome and feels cooling on the lips, as well as has a strong mint scent that other people can smell and will keep you feeling fresh. It is more glossy on the lips than Babylips, and is in a squeeze tube. It moisturizes my dry lips very well and the feeling is addicting.

Everyone has always raved about these, and they do live up to the hype. However, $7 is expensive for me to spend when I am already almost done with the tube (in about a week and a half). Yes, I regularly balm my lips up, but that is still scary.
Overall, Jack Black is in the running for my HG lip balm. But my mom laughs and says “Isn’t that for guys?” well yeah…mom, I need industrial strength stuff! Haha
Are you a Jack Black fan?


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