I Love Punk! Essence Chubby Liner

Who doesn’t love chubby, punky, black liners? I know that they have a huge draw for me, especially when under $3!

This is the I (Heart) Punk jumbo eyeliner pen in black. I found it at Ulta and it is by Essence. I really like Essence because their products are cheap, cute in a novelty way, and tend to work nicely. Cheap thrills!

Another cool thing about this pen is that it come with a plastic cap underneath the original cap to keep the marker-like tip from drying out.
Here are the three thicknesses that this can create. The tip is the top of the liner only. The middle was me smushing it across my hand horizontally (the side of the liner) and the bottom is swiping it with the liner vertically to create a really thick line.
On my hand it looks really black, but this took two go overs to get this opacity, otherwise it is more grey. It is really easy to work with and wing out and dries semi-glossy.
Not the most pigmented in the world. It also has a kinda sweet scent. Not offensive and not lingering, but not what you would expect an eyeliner to smell like. It also takes a while to dry. In one way this is cool because you can press your finger to it and blend it upwards to create those messy, Taylor Momsen eyes. But if you want something quick, this isn’t going to be it.

Overall, a fun cheap thrill. I like the mini cap, the packaging, and the versatility. But it does have a learning curve that may not be worth even the few dollars.
Price: 10/10
Performance: 7/10
Color/Wearability: 8/10
Packaging: 10/10
Overall Quality: 7/10

Total: 42/50 = B = Pleased Panda
Have you tried this? Do you like the chubby eyeliner trend?



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