Polish, Pages, and Pretties: Butter London Disco Biscuit

Hello Pandas! I am back with another Polish, Pages, and Pretties! This polish I picked up during the Ulta amazing BL sale of 2013 haha…where they only let me haul 2…but that is a rant for another time. Onwards!

I am in love with this polish! The color in the bottle initially attracted me, but then I feared it would work like a sheer topcoat and I would be highly disappointed. But I was happily surprised! Disco Biscuit is a jelly hot pink base with pink and iridescent purple glitter. If you are curious about the name…a Disco Biscuit is a certain drug tablet…use your imagination.

And the book today is Jane Austen’s Emma. I love Austen, and some people may think that a cliche, but she really is an amazing writer and Emma is a book I could read over and over again. I have multiple copies of it, and this is one of my favorites.
I really love this polish. This is three coats and it dries to a texture that is reminiscent of the pixie dust or liquid sand formulas! But with a top coat, it is like your normal polish. Wear either way! I like how you can see some visible nail line as well. Wore 7 days without chipping.
What do you think of Disco Biscuit? Cool, or not your style?

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