Franken…er…Thursday? Lady Mary Crawley

So, have you ever had that moment when you are so busy where you literally forget what day it is? That has been my life lately. And I missed Franken Tuesday. So, I bring you Franken Thursday!
This week’s polish is back to the Downton Abbey theme, because I am having withdrawals. Is anyone else missing it?

This polish was inspired by Lady Mary Crawley, the eldest and favorite daughter of Downton. She is so gorgeous and so is Michelle Dockery…so this polish had to be as rich, sophisticated, and sassy…like Mary.

Although sometimes she favors powder blue, Mary is often seen wearing jewel tones or black throughout the series, and is always impeccably dressed.

Lady Mary Crawley is a combination of masses of fine purple glitter, emerald green square glitter, and a small amount of red hex glitter for a pop. It is simple but gorgeous.

Here is macro bottle shot.

This is two coats on every other nail. No base. I set it off with Butter London British Racing Green on the other nails for a truly decadent look.
What do you think of the polish inspired by Lady Mary? Do you want to have a chance to design your own nail polish? You do? Well…enter my contest HERE!
Good luck!


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