NYX: Are You DeprEYEved of Long and Full Lashes Mascara Serum

Stop everything you are doing and read. This will change your lashes forever!
This is NYX Are You DeprEYEved of… Long and Full Lashes Mascara Serum in Jet Black. Phew, what a name…but worth the wait. This retails for about $10 and I found it online at Ulta.com. This tube of mascara claims to define your lashes with mascara as well as condition to improve lashes over time.
I love the brush on this, lots of little bristles, and an oval shape.
Prescription free featuring peptides combines with lavender oil, arginine, biotin, soy proteins and ginko biloba. Paraben and cruelty-free too!
Here it is on my lashes with the NYX chocolate liquid liner. It is a pretty standard mascara, deep black, comfortable, non-irritating, and clump free. It also doesn’t smudge. Not the best drama in the world,  but what I like is that it is good for your lashes, and will improve mine over time. I recommend starting with this as a base and if you want more drama, layer your favorite mascara over it.
Here is one coat on my lashes. Pretty right?

If you have tired, splitting, or just ho-hum lashes, like mine, consider investing in this mascara. They also have a DeprEYEved lash serum, liquid liner, and brow serum so you can enhance your eyes all day long!

Totally Panda Approved!

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