Clinique Almost Lipstick in Luscious Honey

Almost lipstick? What is that? That is what I asked myself when I received this. I was hoping it would be all the good things about a lipstick without any of the bad. Was it? Let’s see!
Clinique Almost lipsticks are thin tubes of sheer, jelly-like color that twist up. They retail for $15. This shade is called Luscious Honey, which really does not fit the color. This is sheer red.
I like the thin packaging, but it feels a little lightweight and boring in my hand. I know Clinique is known for their minimalist packaging, but this just doesn’t do it for me.
I really like this color, it is super wearable and easy to apply. It feels nice on the lips. This is for someone who wants a no fuss, good quality, decently priced, pop of color. Nothing special, no frills.

On me, it is a my lips but better shade. It adds just enough so I look awake and polished, but not like I am wearing makeup. My only big issue with this is the distinctly lipsticky smell and taste. Not my style.

Nice product marketed for everyday use. This is good for a natural look, but it should smell as juicy as it looks.
Price: 10/10
Performance: 9/10
Color/Wearability: 9/10
Packaging: 6/10
Overall Quality: 9/10

Total: 43/50 = B = Satisfied Panda


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