Franken Tuesday! Lion Hearted Girl

Hello everyone, I am back with another installment of Franken Tuesdays! Can you guess who today’s franken was inspired by?
If you guessed the gorgeous, fierce, loyal, brave Gryffindor from the Harry Potter series, you are absolutely right. Hermione is an awesome character that possesses both femininity and strength at the same time, so I wanted to create a polish that embodied that as well as paid homage to her house.
Lion Hearted Girl is a mix of big red hex glitter, big gold hex glitter, gold bar glitter, fine iridescent white glitter and fine red glitter in a clear base. From mixing and slight bleeding (which I hoped for) I got a red jelly base. Yay!
This is two coats of Lion Hearted Girl on bare nails (my index and ring fingers). I love how it is bold, girly, and fun at the same time. And of course, very Gryffindor!
It is even more amazing in real life and I can’t help staring at my nails and feeling like Hermione myself! Besides the colors being distinctly Gryffindor, they also remind me of the pretty red dress she wears to Bill and Fleur’s wedding in the films and her pretty golden brown curls.
Here is the full mani. Lion Hearted Girl on bare nails. Two coats of Goldeneye by O.P.I on my middle finger and two coats of The Spy Who Loved Me by O.P.I on my thumb and pinkie. Both polishes are from the James Bond collection.
What do you think of today’s franken? Want to get your hands on your own? Next week I will be announcing my franken contest, so stay tuned!

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