Polish, Pages, and Pretties: Butter London Fiver

Hello Pandas!
I decided to spice up the blog a bit I am going to still be doing reviews but I am going to add a few new weekly posts along with Franken Tuesdays. They will include some Panda-monium Mondays, a FOTD post, and this one…called Polish, Pages, and Pretties where I will photograph a new polish swatch with books or jewelery, or both! I know there are other blogs that do the book thing and I am not trying to rip them off whatsoever, just do a new spin on it and see how it works. Enjoy!
Here is Butter London Fiver from the Spring 2013 collection. It is a gorgeous pale mint, paler than a lot of the other mints in similar collections and runs more green than blue.
I did like the other colors from the collection, but they are all pretty easy to dupe, so I picked the color that is taking over–mint. We are seeing it everywhere and I love the trend. For $14, you can easily be Spring ready without buying a whole new mint wardrobe.
Fiver was easy to work with. It is streaky with one coat, but two evens it out brilliantly and gives a nice shiny finish. I think this would also look lovely matte. Dry time is quicker than average, and faster than most of my other BL’s. I get about a weeks wear from Butter London polishes.
Here is Fiver next to the amazing and hilarious “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (and other concerns)” by Mindy Kaling. I am obsessed with her and her new show. Must read and must watch!

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