Franken Tuesday: "Wotcher!"

Another one of my ten franken creations! This one is inspired by Nymphadora Tonks from Harry Potter
This is one of my favorite polishes!
This polish has very fine silver glitter, very fine purple glitter, a tiny bit of black glitter and large pink square glitter. All the colors of Tonks…probably a bit too girly for her but I like it!
It is really named “Wotcher” because she is always running around saying it in the films. And Natalia Tena is my spirit animal, so I can feel like her when I wear this.
This is two coats of the glitter over my new pink Finger Paints polish that I received in this months’ Nail Art Society package. I just joined this monthly service and so far I am intrigued. Here is what I got for $10
Full size polish, dotting tool, filing board, nail art lace, nail art chain in gold, and little gold ‘love’ embellishments. Obviously the theme was Valentine’s Day but it arrived the 15th…so a little late on that…
What do you think of this weeks’ polish? Are you a member of Nail Art Society?

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