Bath & Body Works Scentportables

I am kinda a sucker for anything at Bath & Body Works, including these new Scentportables!

Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen? For $4.50 you buy the case such as this one, and fill it with a scent ($3.00) which last 4-6 weeks. Clip in your room, car, locker, etc. Adorable!
This is just one combo of the many cases and scents. I also got a nautical themed one with an island scent.
I love Sweet Pea, it is my favorite fragrance. I have the other one currently in my car and it smells really good but be aware that these work well…nearly too well…they are strong!
I think this is an adorable little product. Will you be trying it out?


4 thoughts on “Bath & Body Works Scentportables

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