Merry Christmas! Love. PrettyPanda

For whatever holiday you celebrate, happy holidays, Merry Christmas, season’s greetings, epic festivus…etc. Enjoy!

Now before we all go jump in the snow (or in my case with the California weather) enjoy a light chill, here is my Christmas inspired manicure.

On my thumb: Glitter sandwich with a random mini OPI gold glitter and Metametics Honey You Should See Me in a Crown
On my pointer: One coat OPI The Spy Who Loved Me with candy cane stripes done with white acrylic paint.
On my middle finger: random mini OPI silver topped with Covergirl Gold Rush
On my ring finger: Sally Hansen Emerald City topped with Layla Ceramic Effect CE 55 (a mix of small and large gold hex glitter)
On my pinkie: Sally Hansen White On topped with Metametics Blood & Snow
I love how this turned out! Especially the candy cane nails and the Layla over the green. What a pretty gold!
Enjoy your holiday and if you did a cool holiday mani, let me know!
xoxo PrettyPanda


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