Julep December Box!

I have been a Julep member since August now, and only skipped one box (last month, not a fan of suede’s) and so far I have been pleasantly surprised. For $19.99 a month, you get a ton of product (these are $12-14 on their own) and the quality is great!

This month was no exception!

From left to right: Vivien (a clear base with large and small gold glitter), Harper (a stunner in a jelly green base with gold, blue, and green smallish glitter), and Ivy (a royal shimmer that flashes electric purple)
The box also came with peppermints, a fab inspirational Winston Churchill quote for the holiday, and an extra surprise!
In a darling black pouch, Julep included all the things to make your own nail polish jewelry! You may have noticed that nail polish jewelry is all the rage on Etsy, and I received a glass cabochon and a ring base.
Read on after the jump to see swatches and how I made my ring!

As Julep suggested, I painted the flat part of the cabochon with a base coat, and then started to paint it with Harper. As you can see Harper is sheer and jelly-like, but very pretty as a layering polish.
I then added a coat of Vivien to give it a little pizazz. Then just stick the dry cabochon in the ring base, bend down the metal to hold it in, and you have custom jewelry!
Vivien and Harper are both layering glitters, but Ivy can hold her own as a polish. Here you can see the jelly finish in two coats with blue and purple glitter. One of the most unique polishes I own!
Here you can see more of the flash of purple in the bottle. Simply stunning. I love Julep. They are 3 free polishes in classy bottles that last 4-5 chip free days. Excellent.
I highly recommend Julep, and I am not paid to do so. I buy my own box every month. If you would like to join too, you can use my Referral Link!
Are you a Julep Maven too?
xoxo PrettyPanda


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