O.P.I Goldeneye Can Jazz Up Any Manicure

Continuing with the O.P.I Bond polishes, I decided to swatch Goldeneye over my existing manicure of Skyfall to see how they would look together.

I was a little nervous to swatch this alone, because usually glitters suspended in a clear base prove problematic and need multiple coats. Not so with Goldeneye!

I did one thick coat on my ring finger and you can see it is fairly opaque. Because the glitter is so fine, it covers nicely. This is a very thin polish and the formula glides nicely. No chunkiness that can come from glitters. This is honestly like fairy dust on my nails!

I know the O.P.I Bond line also released the Goldfinger Real Gold Topcoat, but this works to give your digits a 24 karat shine, so in my opinion–this is the poor girls’ version at only $8.50.
I can see this over any color or alone. This is a great topper and layering polish if you want something festive and over-the-top glitzy for the holidays.

Panda Approved!
xoxo PrettyPanda

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