Butter London Shag: Review and Swatch

I love Butter London for their unique colors…but mostly for their fun names. This pretty burnt copper made me giggle. Shag is it’s name and seduction is it’s game.

I fell for this color because I have nearly nothing like it in my stash! (Hard to believe) This color is warm and perfect for Thanksgiving! For $14, I had to have it.

However, I must warn you. I am in love with this color…but the wear I am not so in love with. This lasted 2 days on me before chipping something awful. I usually get 7 days wear out of BL, so I am not sure what is going on. Fluke? Maybe, but thought I would tell you.

The consistency on this is really nice and it flowed really well. I change my polish every few days so the wear thing is not a big deal for me–but it may be for you.

Final Thoughts: Pretty color perfect for Thanksgiving, but be wary of Shag’s seduction!

Price: 8/10
Staying Power:5/10
Packaging: 9/10
Color/Wearability: 10/10
Quality/Branding: 9/10
Total: 41/50 = B- = Meh Panda (Mostly for the wear!)
Have you ever found a color you love that disappoints you elsewhere?
xoxo PrettyPanda

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